Oct 31, 2016

Week three check in

I'm going to jump straight to it:

Down 0.9kg (approx 2lbs) for week 3
Running total: down 7.3kgs (16.3lbs) in 3 weeks.
Weight loss total: down 18.9kg

I'm not so jazzed about this weeks weight loss, but I did have a bit of a cheat day on Saturday preparing these early Halloween treats:

Monster apples: cashew butter (blitzed cashews with coconut oil) sunflower seeds for teeth and eyes, strawberry slices for the tongue. Apples soaked in lemon juice to avoid discolouration.

Devilled bugs: Devilled eggs (egg yolks, whole egg mayo, dijon mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper) with kalamata olive spiders and ants. Delicious. 

I'm wondering if I just had too much sugar when I ate excess apple and strawberry? But I don't want to look at fresh fruit as the bad guy. Onward and downward, though! Maybe I will have more success this week!

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