Nov 28, 2016

Week 7 weigh in

Can you believe it's the end of week seven already? This diet has absolutely flown by. I must admit, I have been a bit down this week, and in response I have been a bit complacent with my eating. I ate too many artificially sweetened lollies (What a disaster for my poor body!) and I ate extra cheese and 2 carrots on top of my allocated food for yesterday. For week 8, though, I am back on track! I'm going to try and get the best results possible out of the last week of the diet. I've just planned into MyFitnessPal broccoli cheese soup for tonight, which sounds like delicious comfort food, if ever I heard it! I'll post the recipe soon, if it is a taste success, like I hope it is! It's full of creamy, cheesy fats, so it should keep me nice and full. And it brings me right into the 800 calories mark, too. (Well, 808 calories for my hommus and carrot brunch and my cheesy broccoli soup dinner.)

I've been testing my blood sugar levels, and am happy to report that they have been constantly falling right in the healthy range. Which is absolutely brilliant news! I can keep this up!

As I mentioned, I ate sugar-free lollies this week. While eating some I discovered that I still have an insatiable hunger for sweet things, and still struggle with moderation. Baby steps, though. I think it is best if I just don't have sweet or sweet-style foods available in the house, I still have a tendency to over do it. It's helpful that I am aware of this, I think it will keep me on track in the future.

I'm flabbergastered that this is the second last time I will be reporting in on this round of the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet. But here goes:

Down 1.5kg (approx 3.3lbs) for week 7
Running total: down 12.3kgs (27lbs) in 7 weeks.
Weight loss total: down 23.9kg (An epic 52.7lbs!)

Onward and downward! Xx

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