Nov 14, 2016

Week five weigh in

This week I have been abuzz with creative energy and plans for the future. I've got some exciting ideas brewing, and this could mean a new direction for my life. Not small stuff, by any means! I wish my ideas were ready to share, but alas they are still in their infancy, just waiting for me to cherish them and love them and grow them. Exciting times!

After my gain of 200 grams in week four I wasn't so excited this week as I planned and tracked my meals. I didn't have the same motivation and desire to succeed as I have had in other weeks. But by jingle, I was still going to do it! And do it I did! My numbers are looking great this week, check them out:

Weigh in tally:
Down 2.4kg (approx 5.3lbs) for week 5
Running total: down 9.5kgs (20.9lbs) in 5 weeks.
Weight loss total: down 21.1kg

Hurray! I must take a moment to celebrate the fact that I have knocked more than 20kgs off my weight! That is an impressive achievement, and one I should celebrate today. 

I can't believe I'm going into week six already! Time has just flown. I actually think this may be the longest I have ever stuck to one weight loss regime (save the time I ate wedding cake, but let's never speak of that again! Though it was delicious...) When I started out I thought that the 8 weeks would be a long slog. But so far they have flown by. I'm not sure I am ready for only two more weeks of this diet! Is it odd that I'm almost excited for the time I pick up and do another 8 weeks after the New Year?

Onward and downward!

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