Nov 7, 2016

Week four weigh in

I can't believe I'm already half way done with the 8 Week Blood Sugar diet! It has absolutely been the most enjoyable and satisfying diet I have ever been on.

This weekend gone one of my adorable baby brothers married his blushing bride. It was a stunning event in small botanical gardens, followed by- get this- a reception in the building where, six years ago, H and I first laid eyes on one another out the front of! What are the chances? The bride and groom looked captivating, and their two sons looked brilliantly dapper. I almost ugly cried as my wee nephew walked down the aisle, and from that moment on, I was pretty choked up. It was a beautiful wedding, for a beautiful couple.

Diet-wise I started out swimmingly. There was food I could eat, which was brilliant! I fell in love with some caper coated chicken skewers. I avoided the mini brioche burger buns! (Such hipster food, no?) But then this happened:


A beautiful naked tiered cake, I think it was caramel mud? It was delicious. You would think I wouldn't know this, considering I am on a low carb diet and of course I didn't eat any. Right? Oh, but of course I did! It's not every day one of your brothers gets married! So I indulged. It was delectable. I had a small wedge. Wafer thin. (Not quite, but by the end of the day I could have been in a Monty Python sketch.) And today I am feeling it. I am exhausted! I feel like I have the 'carb flu' all over again. That will learn me! So I'm back on the wagon. 4 more weeks of the Blood Sugar Diet, then a trip to our favourite Japanese restaurant, then back to being on a low carb diet until Christmas! It's only 49 days until Christmas, that's 49 days I can respect my body and pay attention to the fuel that I offer it. I've got this! Onward and downward!

Weigh in tally:
Up 0.2kg (approx 0/44lbs) for week 4
Running total: down 7.1kgs (15.65lbs) in 4 weeks.
Weight loss total: down 18.7kg

So there was a little gain this week. I'm disappointed, but I did have a day off, essentially. I'm back on track now! 

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