Nov 21, 2016

Week six weigh in

This past week on the diet has gone quite averagely. My food intake, average. My losses, average. I did make a delicious creamy mushroom chicken dish (my own recipe!) Of which I will take a photo when I duplicate it. If it turns out ok! So there's not much to write home about today. Things are going swimmingly! I have been developing the future plans I mentioned last week, I'm just so super excited! Things are looking bright!

Without further ado: 

Down 1.3kg (approx 2.8lbs) for week 6
Running total: down 10.8kgs (23.8lbs) in 6 weeks.
Weight loss total: down 22.4kg

I can't believe that I only have two weeks left to go! This diet is absolutely flying by. And I'm still enjoying it! Who would have thought? I did struggle a bit when H made my current favourite dish for dinner- pea pasta. I had my low carb, low cal cheesy cauliflower instead, and tried not to mope too much.

I'm super excited to see how I go for the last two weeks of the diet! Onward and downward!


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