Jan 23, 2017

8 Week Blood Sugar Diet: Round 2.

I have been a little lax on my Blood Sugar Diet blogging. So here's what's happened so far! 

Commencement of round 2 of the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet: 

I had a lovely festive period. How about you? I ate many delicious meals. And over just a couple of weeks, I put on 2.3kg. Not a bad effort, really! On January first I resumed low carb eating. But I did have a little bit of a break so that I could enjoy a delicious afternoon tea with a delightful friend. (mmm, sandwiches and slice and melting moments!) Knowing I would want to eat those last few festive foods before resuming the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet, I decided to recommence on the 9th of January.

I weighed in, I'm very pleased to announce my results, actually! I have managed to lose all of the festive weight I had gained, plus one hundred grams! So my weight loss January 1-9 was 2.4kg. Not bad, really!

So I'm back on the diet for another 8 weeks. I'm craving sugar, which is probably just a passing phase. I've been researching meals. I've hunted down a whole bunch of low carb, family friendly meals. I've cooked dishes with zucchini for me and pasta for the boys. I'm trying to make this work for everyone, and cook meals not just for myself, but for the whole family. It just makes more sense.

About 75% of me is looking forward to this next round on the diet. I'm slightly anxious about my low-calorie goals, I think I have forgotten just how easy I found 800 calories in the last round. It's really not that hard when you make sure to factor in plenty of good fats. At least, I suppose I must say- it was not really that hard for me. Compared to other diets I have done in the past.

I'm still struggling with the concept of 'good fats'. I didn't realise just how indoctrinated I was into the 'low fat' mentality. I'm in a bunch of groups on facebook for low carb dieting, and every now and then someone will say 'but isn't that bad for you?' My first response has often times been 'well, yeah! They do have a point!' But then I realise that in fact the tale of low fat is in fact just an old fashioned yarn. I've discovered Diet Doctor, which has some great resources regarding LCHF (Low-Carb High Fat) dieting and keto (ketogenic) living. There is also a bunch of interesting resources on fasting and diet for diabetes treatment.

The end of week 2:  
So Today was weigh in day. Let me first catch you up with my weight loss for week 1. I lost 2.4kg! Hurray for this! Go me! But for week two I had a bit of a battle with heavy whipping cream. See, I love cream. I love it so much. Cream and I go way back. I had subbed out my milky coffees for cream filled ones, as I was concerned about my carb intake with milk, and thought that I would take the keto approach and devote myself to the good ol' heavy whip. HOWEVER I am no good wth moderation where it comes to cream. Especially not the thick variety. I ate spoonfuls (and spoonfuls) of the stuff. It was an incredible edible comfort. The scales were not impressed with my efforts though. So that weigh in that I mentioned? I gained 400g this week. Not my finest hour. So while milk may be the higher carb option, I feel that right now it is the most workable option for beverages, as I won't binge on it. Maybe I can reassess my cream intake when I have lost a bit more weight? But for now it is just too much of a temptation.

So back on the wagon. I'm struggling to stay within my calorie goal of 800 cals most days, I need to pay more attention to the amount of food I eat for dinner. The family low-carb dinners seem to be working a treat! And I'm enjoying feeding everyone nourishing meals. Last night I subbed out pasta for zucchini, and I must admit I was staring at everyone else's dinner! But on an average night where the whole meal is low-carb I seem to be doing ok.

I've got this!

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